Fraze Mowing

Fraze Mowing is aggressive thatch removal, field leveling, and weed removal from sport fields. This is a relatively new practice used on bermudagrass where the sod is scalped or stripped down to the soil leaving the root system. Fraze Mowing leaves a smoother, firmer, and healthier plant. Fraze Mowing Works well when incorporating aerification and light topdressing afterward on fields that have good grass coverage and looking to provide a better playing surface. 


In the south bermuda grass goes dormant. Spring Dead Spot is a disease that can be very problematic for athletic fields and golf courses. When spring comes even the greenest field may have dead patches that look like dormant bermuda grass. Fraze mowing cleans the organic build up and removing the top layer of thatch. This is a less invasive top layer removal that leaves some plant material behind on the service allowing turf-grass regrowth.


Tifton 419 Bermudagrass will typically take around 4-6 weeks to regenerate back to a 100% green canopy. If your fields consist of common bermudagrass or only have around 50% grass coverage we do not recommend this practice. 

photo courtesy of USGA

What Makes us special?

We spread all the organic matter that is taken off the field from fraze mowing.  This is an economical and environmentally-friendly form of nitrogen charged fertilizer.  The bermudagrass sprigs can be spread to reseed and regrow bare patches in hard to grow areas. Not only is it good for your turf but it saves you money.


SERVICES available in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina