With over 20 years in the turf maintenance business, Field and Fairway is a leading athletic field construction, renovation and maintenance company. Our innovative approach will accomplish your goals in the most proficient and economical way through targeted services. It’s important that your players are able to rise to the top in a safe environment and our detail oriented project management system assures your athletes have the best possible chance at success.

The playability of your athletic field requires dense, well-rooted turf to provide solid footing for the twists and turns of the players and to cushion their falls. Our experienced team will help you determine the most effective strategy to increase your fields playability and decrease water drainage problems, unlevel playing fields, and turf issues.

Turf Maintenance takes a solid grounding in all aspects of turf management, including soils and agronomics, a knowledge of different turfgrass types and growth patterns, an understanding of irrigation, weed, insect and disease problems, and climatic influences. Through education and experience our team can help you navigate any issues you are currently experiencing.

We want more than just satisfied customers. Our mission is to build relationships so that we become your go to turf management company.

SERVICES available in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina


Athletic Field Renovation

Whether you need help with drainage, resodding, reseeding, grading, baseball mound renovation/rebuilding or batter box renovations our athletic field renovation services have you covered.

Fraze Mowing

Fraze Mowing is a relatively new practice with bermudagrass where the sod is scalped/stripped down to the soil leaving the root system.This leaves a smoother, firmer, and healthier plant.

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Laser Grading

Typically used for athletic fields. laser grading will level your fields surface so it will drain more efficiently and be safer for your players. Capabilities include flat, flat with fall, and 3D capabilities.


Our verticutting process cuts and collects the debris simultaneously thereby saving time and leaving a clean surface. After this verticutting treatment, the surface is brushed. We Recommend mowing afterward for an unbelievably amazing finish!

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Your turf will have healthier roots and aerification will relieve compaction. We use deep tine, solid tine, and core aerification on Athletic Fields, Fairways, and Golf Greens.

Top Dressing

A top dressing of sand or organic material is applied to help level your athletic field and eliminate thatch thereby preserving and protecting your investment.



We can design, install, and repair of all types of irrigation and combat surface water. While traditional drainage techniques still work our PC Drainage system could repair your problem without ripping up your field. This new system incorporates new technologies along with proven drainage techniques. Let our expert irrigation technician can solve your athletic field issues.